Rendezvous at Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland

by Jerry England
ISBN: 978-0-615-21522-8

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Photographs, movie stills, lobby cards, and screenshots capture the Iverson Ranch as it looks today and as it appeared during half a century of movie-making between 1912 and the late 1960s. There is some duplication from Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas printed in 2008, but the vast majority is new material never published before.

In Chatsworth's backyard, there remains a fantasyland that was forever made famous by Hollywood…

A place where Superman once captured the evil Luthor in his hidden Stoney Point cave, where Batman wrestled a criminal on top of a speeding locomotive, where Tarzan the Ape Man found an ancient elephant graveyard, and where John Wayne's fighting Seabees pushed a Japanese tank off the same cliff that Nyoka used to escape Vultura’s killer ape.

The place is Boulder Pass.  It was the jungles of India and Africa, the sands of the Sahara, the Khyber Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the plains of Montana, and the High Sierras and the Rocky Mountains all rolled into one.  It was the scene of stagecoach holdups, posses chasing outlaws on owlhoot (outlaw) trails, Indians attacking white settlers in remote cabins, flying rocket men, and unearthly spaceship landings.  It was a land for make-believe. It could be anything a Hollywood director fancied.

Boulder Pass is a fictitious name borrowed from an old B-Western movie.  The real place is the Santa Susana Pass in Chatsworth, California.  For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Santa Susana Pass was home to the granddaddy of all movie location ranches--the Iverson Ranch.

Jerry England is a western movie historian and author who has researched and written about filming locations in the San Fernando Valley. Rendezvous at Boulder Pass is his second book about the area.

Feedback--what readers are saying about Rendezvous at Boulder Pass - Hollywood's Fantasyland

John Emmons - Canton, Ohio - I received the dvd version of your new book late this morning and have spend most of the afternoon looking at the book. Another wonderful job on your part.  A very nice compliment to your first book.

Timothy Imel - Winnetka, CA - I'm on page 150.  Taking it slow and enjoying the book.  Everyday at about 3:30 pm when the office slows down, I relax by taking a twenty minute break and reading the book.

Eric Cooper - Santa Monica, CA - Awesome CD. Well worth the price. This is a priceless collection of vintage photos, rare movie stills and first class detective work. Im "only" up to page 150. I want to not only savor it but honestly its just too much info to absorb so I want to spread it out.

Gregg Anderson (Movie historian and Corriganville location expert) - Simi Valley, CA - I love your books and that is exactly what I had in mind 20 plus years ago with Corriganville.

Dan Huffman- Chatsworth, CA - Nice book--going to enjoy it for many hours.

Linda Van dervalk - Chatsworth, CA - I just finished going through your second book. I think it is great. You are giving Chatsworth the recognition that it deserves in the western movie world.


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Part I - Iverson Movie Location Ranch: Iverson Ranch History, Surviving Rock Stars on the Lower Iverson Ranch, Lower Iverson Ranch Indian Hills Area, Surviving Rock Stars on the Upper Iverson Ranch, Iverson Ranch Buildings and Sets, Genesis – The Silent Movie Era (1912 – 1929), Golden Years - The Classic Movie Era (1930 – 1950s), Cliffhangers – Movie Serials (1930s – 1950s), B-Westerns of the 1930s, B-Westerns of the 1940s, B-Westerns of the 1950s, B-Westerns of the 1960s

Part II - Beyond Boulder Pass: Brandeis Movie Ranch, Corriganville Movie Ranch , Burro Flats Filming Location , Chatsworth Reservoir, Chatsworth Trains, Bell Location Ranch, Double R Bar Ranch, Spahn Ranch, Perils of Boulder Pass, Bibliography, About the Author

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