Early Woodford Valley Heads

The following is the research of B. Butterworth, HEAD family researcher, while her collection of HEADs is interesting there is no proven link to Christopher Head. However logic, and a leap of faith convinces me that these certainly must be relatives.

-- Jerry England


1. Christopher HEAD. Died in 1744 in Gt Wishford, Wiltshire.


2. John HEAD, d.1724. Died in 1724 in Gt Wishford, Wiltshire.

4. George HEDD. Born in 1610 in Woodford, Wiltshire.

George married Anne UNKNOWN.
They had the following children ...
i. John HEAD, d.1724 (???? - 1724)
ii. Robert HEAD, b.1635 (b.1635)

5. Anne UNKNOWN.
G Grandparents

8. George HEDD, b.1580. Born in 1580 in Gt Woodford, Wiltshire. George died in 1636; he was 56.

On Jul 20 1607, when George was 27, he married Alice THORNTON.
They had the following children ...
i. William HEDD (1608 - 1624)
ii. George HEDD (b.1610)
iii. Robert HEDD (b.1612)
iv. Alice HEDD (b.1613)
v. Elizabeth HEDD (b.1618)

9. Alice THORNTON.
GG Grandparents

16. William HEDD, b.1556. Born in 1556 in Gt Woodford, Wiltshire. William died in 1588 in Gt Woodford, Wilts; he was 32.

On Feb 05 1579, when William was 23, he married Elizabeth BROWNJOHN.
They had the following children ...
i. George HEDD, b.1580 (1580 - 1636)
ii. William HEDD, b.1582 (1582 - 1617)
iii. Anne HEDD (b.1584)

17. Elizabeth BROWNJOHN.

GGG Grandparents

32. ?William HEADE. Born in 1526.

4G Grandparents

64. John HEDDE. Born in 1484 in Little Woodford.

5G Grandparents
128. Thomas HEDDE. Born in 1462 in ? Little Woodford, Wiltshire.

In 1489, when Thomas was 27, he married Marjorie UNKNOWN.
They had the following children ...
i. John HEDDE (b.1484)
ii. Robert HEAD, b.1486 (1486 - 1556)
129. Marjorie UNKNOWN.
6G Grandparents
256. Unknown HEDD. Born in 1440 in Woodford valley, Wilts ?.
7G Grandparents

 512. Unknown HEDD, b.1415. Born in 1415 in Woodford valley, Wilts ?.
8G Grandparents

 1024. Unknown HEDD, b.1390. Born in 1390 in Woodford valley, Wiltshire ?.
9G Grandparents

 2048. John HEED. Born in 1365 in Woodford valley, Wilts?.
10G Grandparents

 4096. John HEDE. Born in 1337 in ?Durnford, Wiltshire.

11G Grandparents

 8192. Thomas HEVED. Born in 1313 in Wiltshire.
12G Grandparents

 16384. Nicholas HEVED. Born in 1270 in Wiltshire. Nicholas died in 1320 in Marleborough, Wiltshire; he was 50.
13G Grandparents

 32768. William HEVED, b.1249. Born in 1249 in Wiltshire.
14G Grandparents

 65536. William HEVED, b.1228. Born in 1228 in Wiltshire.
15G Grandparents

131072. William HEVED, b.1207. Born in 1207 in Wiltshire.



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