John HEAD 1692

St. Mary's church Broughton, Hampshire


John HEAD, son of Christopher HEAD and Martha, b. 21 May 1692 in Great Wishford, Wiltshire; m. (1) Sarah Unknown 1714; m. (2) Elizabeth Rowden 4 Jun 1723; d. 1739 Broughton, Hampshire. We believe Sarah came from West Tytherley, between Wishford and Broughton. See notes for Sarah. We are not entirely certain about the marriage to Elizabeth, but it seems likely with the death of Sarah in 1721.

The children of John1 HEAD and Sarah are:

i. Thomas HEAD c. 13 Jun 1718 Broughton, Hampshire (Batch No.: J136961); d. 17 Jun 1798 Millbrook, Hampshire

ii. Stephen HEAD c. 28 Jun 1719 Broughton, Hampshire. Batch No.: J136961


NOTES: from B. Butterworth, 16 Jun 2001.

I checked the registers for Broughton and found the following information:

"Thomas, son of John Head ( who has brought a certificate from Wishford in Wiltshire) and Sarah his wife, was baptized June 18, 1718."

I am not sure of the wording in the brackets, as it is very dim. The town could be Wilsford, but there is a later marriage record:

"1723 John Head of ye Parish of Wishford in County of Wilts and Elizabeth Rowden of this parish June 4th (with Banns)"

This could be our John on a second marriage, or a relation, which makes it look like Wishford is correct. Either way, it's a great connection, because I have thought that the Hampshire Heads must have come from Wiltshire.

Then we have the other baptism by John and Sarah in Broughton: "1719 Stephen, son of John Head and Sarah his wife was baptized June 28th."

Going down to the next Thomas, he was born in 1738, which is the year that Thomas and Mary married in Eling, so it does look likely that they are his parents, but I would like to see the baptism record, so will try Eling regs. It will take time, as they are in Winchester.

[Wiltshire] Close to Wilsford and Wishford, a place called Woodford (actually upper, middle and lower Woodford.

This is the place I am hoping our line will be heading. I have done quite an amount of work on that part of Wiltshire in C16 and C17, and in the sixteenth century have found 69 Heads in Woodford, far more than in any other place.

The earliest record is the birth of John Hedd in 1519, recorded in a court case in Wilsford. But earlier still are Henrie and Isabelle Hedd, buried 1539 and 1543 respectively. That means that they must have been born around 1480 - well before Columbus crossed the ocean blue!

Notes for Sarah:

Is Sarah BEACHAM the wife of John Head in Broughton? The only marriage for a John Head and Sarah in the region at about the right time is John HEAD's Marriage to Sarah BEACHAM 03 MAR 1714.

Following up on John HEAD's Marriage to Sarah BEACHAM 03 MAR 1714 Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire ( M152082).

This is probably our SARAH BEACHAM: Christening: 08 DEC 1693 West Tytherly, Hampshire, England; Father: WILLIAM BEACHAM; Batch No.: C155031

This is possibly her father or a relative: WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP m. MARY STRONG 19 MAY 1684 Broughton, Hampshire, England; (M136961). There are a few BEACHAMPS at the correct time on ( J136961) in Broughton, Hampshire.

This is possibly her mother or a relative: MARY STRONG Christening: 14 NOV 1657 Andover, Hampshire, England; Father: RICHARD STRONG; (C058072)

Also found on this Broughton batch is Sarah HEAD c. 11 AUG 1740 Broughton, Hampshire; parents Thomas HEAD and Mary.


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