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When the San Fernando Valley attempted to secede from Los Angeles in 2002, a reporter described Jerry England as a "renaissance man" and an "expert on all things Valley." 

The Valley Secession Fever web log wrote that "his close association with the old pastoral Valley gives the media the drama they need because contradiction is dramatic; how the Valley would become the country's sixth-largest city yet its most influential citizen is a cowboy."  From then on, Jerry's efforts as a cowboy activist seeking to protect horse-keeping in the Valley have become legendary.

Jerry is an avid horseman, who has been riding for more than half a century.   Besides trail-riding, he has participated in the fast-action sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

He's also a cowboy folk artist.  His Old West-inspired furniture has won accolades from publications, such as Southwest Art, Sunset, The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, and Home Magazine.   He was featured on TV's Carol Duvall Show to demonstrate his technique.

As a Western movie historian, he has researched and collected memorabilia associated with Santa Susana Mountain movie location ranches for the past decade; and after making a guest appearance on a ReelzChannel Dailies program titled Hollywood Was Here - The Iverson Movie Ranch, he decided to share his research and knowledge by writing Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas and "Rendezvous at Boulder Pass -- Hollywood's Fantasyland"

Jerry also came from a family whose pioneer heritage can be back-trailed for over twelve generations across the forests and prairies of America.

Collectibles offered on this site are from Jerry's personal collection. Jerry collected, bought, sold, and traded cowboy, native American, old West antiques, and sporting collectibles for more than 30 years. You may have met him at the Cody Old West Show, the High Noon Show, The Western Design Conference, the Paso Gathering in Paso Robles, Cowboy Traditions in Tucson, or the Santa Ynez Vaquero Show in years past. He is a former member of the National Bit, Spur and Saddle Collectors Association (NBSSCA).

Jerry and his wife Joyce live in Chatsworth, California, and spend many hours every week on the trail with their equine pals: Cash, Zinger, their wee-one--Biggs, Kasidy May, and Sunup.

Jerry is active in the preservation of horse-keeping in Chatsworth, CA, and has made many positive contributions in Los Angeles as the president of the Chatsworth Equine Cultural Heritage Organization which he founded in 2000.


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"Boulder Pass: Hollywood's Fantasyland"


Jerry's Projects:

Back Trail of a Western Family
British Trail of a Western Family

Back-Trail of a Pioneer Family (video): Jerry's family has been in America since 1636. After the Revolutionary War they moved West from Connecticut through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, and finally to Montana where Jerry's mom was born. The earliest photo here dates 1861. There are three photos of Jerry riding a horse in Montana that were taken in 1950.


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