Thomas HEAD 1738

St. Nicholas church Millbrook, Hampshire


Thomas HEAD, son of Thomas HEAD and Mary COOK, b. abt. 1738/39; c. 17 Feb 1739 Eling, Hampshire; B 6 Jan 1813 Millbrook, Hants.; m. Sarah WHITEHORN in Eling, Hampshire 6 APR 1769 (batch no. I020202); d. 1813 Millbrook, Hampshire.

The children of Thomas 4 HEAD and Sarah (WHITEHORN) Head are:

i. Thomas HEAD b. abt. 1770; c. 27 FEB 1770 St Nicholas, Millbrook, Hampshire

+ii. John HEADD b. 1771 Millbrook, Hampshire; c. 25 DEC 1771 Romsey, Hampshire (batch no. C136692); m. Sophia SMITH 14 MAY 1802 St. Nicholas, Plumstead, Kent; d. 3 JUN 1855 in Plumstead, Kent.

iii. Mary HEAD c. 7 JUN 1774 St. Nicholas, Milbrook, Hampshire

iv. William HEDD c. 26 DEC 1776 St. Nicholas, Milbrook, Hampshire; m. Jane CROOK 25 DEC 1803 St. Nicholas, Milbrook

v. Ann HEDD c. 20 JUN 1779 St Nicholas, Milbrook, Hampshire

vi. Stephen HEDD c. 9 JUN 1782 St Nicholas, Milbrook, Hampshire (batch no. P014601); married Anne HURST 6 APR 1806 Milbrook, Hampshire (batch no. I020203); d. 1829 Pickle`s Copse, Hampshire

vii. Job HEDD c. 20 NOV 1785 St Nicholas, Milbrook, Hampshire (batch no.: P014601); married Hannah KEEL 6 OCT 1805 Milbrook, Hampshire (batch no. M014601); d. 1825 Millbrook, Hampshire

Children of Job and Hannah are:

i. Thomas Head b. 1808 Southampton, Hampshire; m. Rebecca Dunn; d. 20 Jun 1874 Alverstoke, Hampshire

ii. Mary Anne Head b. 1811 Millbrook, Hampshire; m. Allen Dunn

iii. Charlotte Head b. 1815 South Stoneham Hampshire


Notes for Sarah WHITEHORN:

Sarah's parents are Robert WHITEHORN b. abt 1716; c. 7 Aug 1716 Minstead, Hampshire; m. 25 Dec 1744 Ruth HODGES

The children of Robert Whitehorn and Ruth Hodges are:

i. Ann WHITEHORN - Christening: 21 Apr 1747 Minstead, Hampshire.
+ii. Sarah WHITEHORN - Christening: 15 Oct 1748 Minstead, Hampshire.
iii. Mary WHITEHORN - Christening: 30 Jan 1755 Minstead, Hampshire.
iv. Hanne WHITEHORN - Christening: 2 Feb 1756 Minstead, Hampshire.
v. Isaac WHITEHORN - Christening: 5 Apr 1760 Minstead, Hampshire.
vi. Betty WHITEHORN - Christening: 26 Dec 1764 Minstead, Hampshire.


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