Joyce England

Joyce England spent 28 years teaching English at Chatsworth High School and Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. She retired in 2006 and now spends her days riding Zinger and Cash or taking 'kick-boxing' classes.

Joyce and Zinger in Chatsworth, CA 2003.

Hi! We're Joyce's sidekicks: Teddy Blue, Calico Kate, Rusty, Bronco Billy, and Boo.

'Teddy Blue' born in Moorpark August 2007

'Calico Kate' born in Florida January 2006

'Rusty' born in Chatsworth October 2001.

Bronco Billy born in Cody, Wyoming January 1996.

Boo -- Barn Kitty -- Adopted Christmas 2005

We lost Annie Oakley in 2006, but her memory will remain with us forever.



© Jerry England 2007

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