Passino or Passinault Family

(alt. spellings: Pasino, Passineau, Passinault, and Pasinault. I have come to believe Pinsonneau became Passino.

New Findings in 2011: The French Canadian Heritage of Lucy Pinsonneault

Lucy Pinsonneault, my 2nd great grandmother, also known as (aka) Lucy Passino, was born June 17, 1836, in Rutland, New York to Gabriel Pinsonneault (aka Gilbert Passino) and Maria Emelie Meunier Lagace (aka Mary Passino).

For more than 15 years I have been researching the French Canadian ancestry of Lucy Pinsonneault.  The difficultly of learning about her family began with the fact that her father and mother, both born in Canada, were illiterate and probably spoke little or no English when they first emigrated to the United States about 1830.

We know Gabriel and Maria were still in Canada in 1827 when a son Francis was born there, but they had emigrated to the United States and were living in Vermont by 1832 when their daughter Justine was born.

Lucy married John Galloway Brown January 23, 1861, in Philadelphia, New York.  She died February 2, 1917, in Creston, Montana.
Preliminary notes for Lucy Passino

Lucy's son Abraham Lincoln Brown listed his mother's maiden name as Passneau.
Lucy Passino Brown's death certificate listed her father as Cassino, born in France.  
The death certificate of George Pierce, Lucy's younger brother, listed his father as Gilbert Pierce, born Canada, and his mother as Mary Laggesie, born France. 

Here's good place to comment on evidence given for a death certificate.  The person the information pertains to is dead, so the supplied data comes from the often dim memory of a child or spouse.  Worse yet, someone else is writing what they think they are hearing, and of course nobody is checking the spelling at the time of writing. 

In her family history notes, Lydia (Brown) Bailey, Lucy's grand daughter, listed Lucy Passino Brown as the daughter of  Gilbert Passino, born in France about 1815, and Mary Armstrong, born about 1817 in Canada.

Early public records for Gilbert, Lucy's father, had many different surnames

1850 US Federal Census, Rutland, Jefferson Co., New York:
 Givarow Passinault, age 47 (1803), born Canada
 Mary Passinault, age 40 (1810), born Canada

1850 New York Agriculture Census, Rutland, Jefferson Co., New York:

 Givarow Passano
1860 US Federal Census, Wilna, Jefferson Co., New York:
 Gilbert Passino, age 57 (1803), born Canada
 Mary Passino, age 55 (1805), born Canada

1864 Wilna, Jefferson Co., New York Land Owner Map:
 G. Pasino

1870 US Federal Census, Wilna, Jefferson Co., New York:
 Gilbert  Pasnan, age 68 (1802), born Canada
 Mary  Pasnan, age 62 (1808), born Canada

1870 New York Agriculture Census, Wilna, Jefferson Co., New York:
 Givarow Pasnan

1877 Obituary published in the Carthage Republican (New York):
 Gilbert Passino

1877 Headstone in Pierce Cemetery, Wilna (Fort Drum), Jefferson Co., New York:
 Gilbert Passino 

Pinsonneau became Passino -- Getting on the right track

Published in the Press Republican (Plattsburgh, New York) November 24, 2002,  a newspaper article written by Robin Caudell titled "French connection--From street signs to surnames: French-Canadian influence manifests itself in many distinct ways."   He describes:  "Remnants of a vibrant French Canadian past permeate the North Country.  Franco culture echoes in family surnames, names of geographical places and streets.  It is preserved in the architectural detail of private residences, commercial buildings and churches, and it’s savored in traditional recipes such as tourtiere and sliders.  'You have a sense that the culture as been fully assimilated, and there are relatively little current indications French Canadian culture existed here,' said Dr. Sylvie Beaudreau, a professor of history at Plattsburgh State."

[excerpt from a surname list published in the article] Current Name: Passino -- Original Name: Pinsonneau 
Quoted source: "Volume  III, Headstone Inscriptions, Clinton County, New York" by Clyde Rabideau Sr.

Breakthrough -- The death of ‘Mary’ Émélie Meunier dite Lagacé

Melanie Pierce, a distant cousin, wrote to me that she learned Mary Passino was, in fact, Marie Laggesie, and she sent me a copy of Marie's death certificate, which had been hand-written in French.  To be honest I was doubtful, but I sent a copy of the certificate to a genealogist and Lagacé family researcher in Canada. 

The genealogist interpreted the document and advised me the certificate clearly states that Marie Émélie Meunier dite Lagacé was the wife of Gilbert Pinsonnault, of ( États-Unis) United States.  She also confirmed that Pinsonneau was very likely changed to Passino.

Armed with that information I quickly found birth and marriage records for Gabriel and Marie Pinsonneau online at

Pursuing Pinsonneau -- Church records for Gilbert aka Gabriel Pinsonneau

Birth:  from Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
Gabriel Pinsonneau
Event Year: 1801-1805
Event: Naissance (Birth)
Religion: Catholique
Place of Worship: La Prairie (Notre-Dame-de-LaPrairie-de-la-Madeleine)
Province: Québec

Marriage: from Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
Gabriel Pinsonault
Spouse: Marie Emilie Lagasse
Event Year: 1824
Event: Mariage (Marriage)
Religion: Catholique
Place of Worship: Châteauguay St-Joachim
Province: Québec

Previous research prior to 2005:

Generation 1

Gilbert Passino or Givarow Passinault was born 3 MAR 1802 in Canada. He married Mary Lagasse/Laggasie sometime before 1832. Mary was b. abt 1804 in Canada. (Source Mellanie Pierce/Lon Brown -- Mellanie obtained it from death cert. for George Passino and posted Genforum June 2008)

Gilbert d. Dec 16, 1877 at 75y. He is buried in the Pierce Cemetery, Fargo, NY (ON FORT DRUM MILITARY POST)

81 PASSINO Gilbert 12-16-1877 75y

The Children of Gilbert PASSINO and Mary ARMSTRONG are:

i. Mary J. Passino-Brown (Carleton, WI)
ii. George G. Passino b. 1852 in NY (Carleton, WI)
iii. Sausa (?) Passino
iv. Moses Passino
v. Francis Passino
vi. Flarce Passino-Kelsey (Flave Kleey on 1860 census?)(maybe spelled Flavia)
vii. Lucy PASSINO-Brown b. 17 JAN 1836/38 in NY.
viii. Justine b. 1832 in Vermont
ix. Laura b. 1837 in NY. (could this be Sausa above?)

*The first 7 names of children above are from Gilbert's will, so the birth order may not be correct.


1850 New York 1850 Federal Census:
Town of Rutland, Jefferson County
Page 468

Givarow Passinault, 47, Farmer, b. Can
Mary, 40, b. Can
Fluve, 14, b. Can
Lucy, 12, b. NY
Lova, 10, b. NY
Mary, 8, b. NY

1855 New York State Census:
Town of Wilna, Jefferson County
Pages 204 205 206

Gilbert Passino, 52, b. abt 1803 Canada, Farmer
Mary, 46, Wife, b. abt 1809 Canada
Lorry, 16, Child, b. abt 1839 Jeff Co., NY
Mary J, 13, Child , b. abt 1842 Jeff Co., NY
George, 2, Child, b. abt 1853 Jeff Co., NY

Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, New York
Page 129

Lucy Pasino, 19, b. abt 1836 CanE

· NY 1860 Federal Census Index:
Township of Wilna, Jefferson County, NY
Page: 237
ID#: NY295150441

Gilbert Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY

Mary Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY

Justine Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY

Lucy Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY
New York

Laura Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY
New York

George G Passino
Wilna, Jefferson, NY
New York

Lnstrne  Pansy
Wilna, Jefferson, NY


Roswell Kleey
Wilna, Jefferson, NY
New York


Flave Kleey
Wilna, Jefferson, NY

· NY 1870 Federal Census Index:
Township of Wilna, Jefferson County, NY:

Gilbert Pasnan, b. abt 1802 in Canada

Mary Pasnan, b. abt 1808 in Canada

George Pasnan, abt 1852 in New York

· Gilbert is buried in the Pierce Cemetery, Fargo, NY
No. 81 PASSINO, Gilbert 12-16-1877 75y

Generation 2

Lucy PASSINO b. NY 17 JAN 1838. Married John Galloway [Galway] Brown in Philadelphia, NY, 23 JAN 1861. Lucy was the daughter of Gilbert PASSINO (1802 - 1877) and Mary ARMSTRONG. Lucy died 3 FEB 1917 in Creston, Flathead Co., MT, at 79 years of age. See the Brown Family for continuation of this line.


· From: "Lorrain Jepsen" <>
Subject: Re: Passino
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999

GEN 4: Russell Passino, Clinton County; So. Plattsburgh, NY

GEN 3: Arthur Passino m. Rose Elizabeth Neuville (From VT or Mineville, NY). Many of his siblings go by Passino, Passineau, Passinault;

GEN 2: James Passinault, b. 1860 Plattsburgh, NY; m. Mary Pelka. Siblings: sister Ann E. and a brother, possibly Adolphus?

GEN 1: (maybe) Joseph Passinault, b. abt 1795; d. 1850 in Mooers Forks, NY; m. Rosetta. I cannot prove these two last names yet. I have also found Pasino found spelled this way on a 1920 record.

· Found on

1850 NY census:
Passinault, Givarow NY JEFFERSON CO. RUTLAND 468
Passinault, Francis NY JEFFERSON CO. RUTLAND 458

1860 VT Census:
Passino, Russel VT BENNINGTON CO. DORSET 767

1860 NY Census:
Passino, Gilbert NY JEFFERSON CO. WILNA 237





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