Rogers Family

First Generation

Unknown ROGERS birth date unknown.

Unknown ROGERS and Abigail HAYWARD had the following child:

+i. Zepheniah ROGERS was born 18 MAR 1747.

Second Generation

Zepheniah ROGERS (Unknown) was born in Mendon, Worcester, MA 18 MAR 1747. Zepheniah died 7 OCT 1823 in Franklin Co., OH, at 76 years of age.

He married Elizabeth ROOD in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT, 7 MAR 1770. Elizabeth was born in Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT 16 APR 1753. She was the daughter of Isaac ROOD born 23 Mar 1725/26 in STAFFORD, Tolland, CT, (son of Jonathan ROOD and Margaret ROWE). Elizabeth died 21 MAR 1838 in Brown Twp., Franklin Co., OH, at 84 years of age. See Rood Family for continuation of this line.

Zepheniah ROGERS and Elizabeth ROOD had the following children:

i. Isaac ROGERS was born in Torrington, CT 11 FEB 1771. Isaac died before 1846. He married Zilpha MASON in Bradford Co., PA, about 1790. Zilpha was born about 1770.

ii. Zephaniah Jr. ROGERS was born in Rupert, Caladonia Co., VT 12 SEP 1773. He married twice. He married Anna Nancy SOULE in possibly NY, 4 APR 1795. Anna was born in Blenheim, NY about 1775. Anna died before 1830. He married Matilda PHILLIPS after 1830. Matilda was born in Washington, Ohio 1802. Matilda died 7 JUN 1866 in Appanoose Co., IA.

iii. Rachel ROGERS was born in Goshen, Litchfield Co., CT 14 JUL 1778. Rachel died 1860 in possibly Franklin Co., OH. She married Nathanial BABCOCK before 1808. Nathanial was born in Coventry, Tolland, CT 26 MAR 1765. Nathanial died 4 JUL 1839 at 74 years of age.

iv. Rosemanta ROGERS was born in Torrington, CT 13 JAN 1781. Rosemanta died before 1788.

v. Elizabeth ROGERS was born in Torrington, CT 8 APR 1783. Elizabeth died before 1846.

vi. Roswell ROGERS was born in Catskill, Green Co., NY 5 JUL 1787.

+vii. Rosemanty ROGERS was born in Catskill, Green Co., NY 24 SEP 1789. Rosemanty died 2 DEC 1843 in Franklin Co., OH, at 54 years of age. She married Smith BAILEY in possibly Bradford Co., PA, about 1810. Smith was born in Haddam, Middlesex, CT 3 NOV 1789. He was the son of Thomas BAILEY and Esther SMITH. Smith died 7 JUN 1862 at 72 years of age. He is buried in the Bailey Cem., Marion Twp., Davis Co., IA.

viii. Rubin ROGERS was born in Catskill, Green Co., NY 26 OCT 1791.

ix. Irvine "Roine" ROGERS was born in Blenheim, NY 4 JAN 1794. He married Hannah LANDON in Bradford Co., PA, 1 JAN 1814. Hannah was born in Sussex, NJ 9 AUG 1797.


· Mendon, Mass. Vital Records, pg 97; Births: HAYWARD, Abigal, d. of Oliver and Abigal, Jan. 11, 1714-15 HAYWARD, Zepheniah, s. of Abigal, Mar. 8 1746 [1746-7, from town copy of record].Transient Person.

· Zepheniah served in the military in CT - Revolutinary War, about 1775. Listed in "DAR PATRIOT INDEX, Centennial Edition, PART III", Washington 1990, page2506. He was a Private and enlisted in CT.

· From "Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County", by C.F. Heverly,

"Zepheniah Rogers, a native of New England, born 1747, served in the Revolutionary war in Capt. William Satterlee's company in the regiment commanded by Colonel Elmer. In 1796 Mr. Rogers emigrated with his family to Towanda creek settling in Canton township on what is known as the Hubbel Manley farm. He occupied a floorless log cabin, 14 x 18, in which he set up a one-legged bedstead--simply a forked stick driven into the ground on which were poles running to a crack between the wall logs and these poles threaded with bark for bed-cord--the magnificent furnishing of many an old-time first cabin. He Also built a little tub-mill on his place, having a capacity for cracking from a bushel and a half to three bushels of corn in twenty-four hours. In his old age Mr. Rogers enjoyed the benefits of a pension granted by the government. Both he and his wife, Elizabeth, died upon the homestead at advanced ages. Of their known children were: Zepheniah, Jr., who for a number of years occupied the Lindley place, subsequently removed from the county. Irvine married Hannah, daughter of Laban Landon and remained in Canton. Roswell R. occupied the homestead. He married Minena________and had the following children: Roswell R, Lucinda (Mrs. George Manley), Amanda (Mrs. William Miles), Claracy (Mrs. Abner Walters), Eliza (Mrs. Elliott Manley), Deborah (Mrs. Martin Coon), William W. and James A.

Corrections and additions-- Rogers, page 300, Vol. I

Zepheniah Rogers was born March 7, 1747, at Mendon, Mass.; married March 7, 1770, Elizabeth Rood (b April 16, 1753, d March 21, 1838), in Litchfield, Litchfield county, Conn.; served in the Revolutionary war, enlisting as a private, May, 1776, in Capt. William Satterlee's company under Col. Elmore of the Connecticut line and served until April, 1777; re-enlisted April, 1777, and served as a private, Capt. Daniel Davis's company under Col. Elmore for five or six months. In 1796 he emigrated to Canton township where he resided until 1822, moving to Franklin county, Ohio where he died Oct. 7, 1823, and is buried. The children of Zepheniah and Elizabeth Rogers were Isaac, b. Feby. 11, 1771; Zepheniah, b Sept. 12, 1773, married Anna Soul. 1795; Rachael, b July 14, 1778, married Nathaniel Babcock; Elizabeth, b April 8, 1783; Roswell R., B July 5, 1787; Rosemanty, b Sept. 24, 1789; Reuben, b Oct. 26, 1791; Roine (Irvine) b Jany 4, 1794.

· From: "Pension Rolls, Revolutionary War, PA",

"Zephaniah Rogers of Canton in the state of Pennsylvania who was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Elmore of the Connecticut line for the term of one year. Inscribed on the roll of Pennsylvania at the rate of 8 Dollars per month. to commence on the 9 of May 1818. Certificate
of Pension issued the 22 of Sept 1819 and sent to Jno. McKean. Athens - Bradford Cty. Penn. Arrears to 4th of Sept. 1819-126.99. Semi-anl. all'ce
ending 4 March 1820 48 $174.99"

· Zepheniah's Schedule of Property from: "Pension Rolls, Revolutionary War, PA",

"One farm containing seventy seven and a half acres twenty five thereof cleared out of---[forest?].
Ten sheep
old lumber, barrels, tubs, pails
One sow & four shots
1 lanthern & 1 pr of--- & one hoe
One bread oven
Nine iron drag---
One chest and table
Old pewter 6 plates 2 platters & 3---
6 teacups & saucers
6 Iron spoons & 4 knives & forks
3 chairs, one big wheel & 1 foot wheel
One iron pot 4 do Kettles one frying pan
1 Tea kettle one spyder & flat Irons
One old Silver watch
A remnant of carpenter tools
One old cross cut saw
1 Iron Trammel& 1 fire Shild
The following debts are due to me, viz.
One Debt of $4.91 one do of $0.19
one do do $.50 one do do 1.25
one do do 1.76 one do do 0.12
one do do 1.33 one do do 0.19
one do do 1.691/2 one do do 0.59
one do do 0.76 one do do 1.25
one do do 0.75 one do do 1.37
one do do 1.19

[signed] Zepheniah Rogers"

· From: "History of Bradford County Pennsylvania, 1770-1878", by Rev. David Craft,

"Zepheniah Rogers settled on what is now know as the Hubbell Manley farm and his son, Zepheniah, Jr. settled the farm now occupied by Joseph and Solomon Lndley. The Rogers came probably from Vermont. The old gentleman built a little tub-mill, as it was called, a very' rude affair, the stone being the common conglomerate found in the coal measures, and rudely dressed, having a capacity for cracking from a bushel and a half to three bushels of corn in twentv four hours, if kept steadily at work. Mr. Rogers also st off to his son Roswell the farm that is now owned by his son William. The old people died on the place, which has been held in the family name until a short time ago".

· From "The Record of Service of Connecticut Men", edited by H.P. Johnson,

pg. 118, "Colonel Elmore's Regiment, 1776. Capt. Satterlee's Company. (In Garrison, Johnstown) Zephaniah Rogers. Enlisted April 16".

· From pg. 645, "Connecticut Pensioners, Act of 1818, Residing in Pennsylvania. Zehaniah Rogers. Priv.".

· From 1810 NY Census Index , Page 1663
00211-11101 Rogers, Zephaniah NY SUFFOLK CO. 233 1810


1. "1820 census for Canton Twp., Bradford Co., PA".
2. "Pioneers & Patriots of Bradford County, PA", by Clement Heverly, 1913.
3. "Franklin Co., OH Cemetery Books" published by The Franklin County Genealogical Society, Vol VI, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., OH.
4. "History of Bradford County Pennsylvania, 1770-1878", by Rev. David Craft.

· Unsupported claims about Zepheniah ROGERS' lineage

In my research of the ROGERS family I encountered several unsupported claims that Zepheniah ROGERS, the son of Abigail HAYWARD, is a direct descendant of MAYFLOWER PILGRIMS, but I have not been able to find sources that will support those claims.


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