I've owned Sunup since 1996. He is extremely well mannered, gentle, sweet, and will tug on your heart strings with a nicker every time he sees you.. He ties, trailers, bathes, clips, and picks up his feet easily. He is super friendly. Is an excellent companion to our other horses. He loves and grooms our miniature horse. He gets along with everyone.

He was born in Montana, and purchased in Cody, Wyoming where he did roping, team penning, and packed into Yellowstone Park. I've ridden him on every kind of trail southern California has to offer. He crossed water, stepped over logs willingly, and would remember the trail home after dark.

Sun Up

Ol' Sun Up will be my pard through thick or thin,
And I know as a race horse he may never win,
But he's got a great big heart and his manner is bold,
And he's good for a buck or two if the weather is cold.

Yes, he's throwed me hard and stepped on my knee,
But we covered a few thousand miles that horse an' me,
So I tell him I love him and how pretty he is
While he nickers softly for those carrots of his.

Oh, I know he'll jig an' spin and won't pay me no heed
Because if we ride in a group he's got to be in the lead,
But every once in while when we're alone on that canyon trail,
He does all I ask of him and we've got the world by the tail.

Now I'm gettin' old and fat and I surely must buckle his knees
But give him a straight away an' he can still split the breeze.
I swear that cayuse is still a thousand pounds of dynamite
An' even after all these years with me it's still love at first sight.


© jerry england 1997


Sunup about 2000.



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