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Thomas Wilkie was the Armourer-Sergeant at the fort on Signal Hill, Newfoundland, in 1812


Generation No. 1




Notes for ADAM WILKEY:
This information came from June Neale [England] <JNeale6292@aol.com> in MAR 2001 and Geoff Martin [Canada] <geoffgmartin@shaw.ca> JUN 2005

Marriage Notes for ADAM WILKEY and DOROTHY:
Church/Parish St Botolph Aldgate
Date of baptism 26 May 1784
Child's name Thomas
Parent's names Adam and Dorothy
Surname Wilkey
Address Harrow Alley, High Street
Other relevant information 'Poor'

Children of ADAM WILKEY and DOROTHY are:

i. HENRY WILKEY c. SEP 1775 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, England. See C025574
ii. ADAM WILKY c. NOV 1777 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, England. See C025574
iii. ANDREW WILKIE c. 4 MAR 1781 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, England. See C025574
+iv. THOMAS WILKEY c. MAY 1784 St Botolph Without Aldgate, London, England. See C006338

Generation No. 2

THOMAS WILKIE was born Abt. 1778/88. He married JANE KENT 06 Jun 1808 in London, England, daughter of ROBERT KENT and MARY. She was born Abt. 1780.

Thomas was a sergeant in the "Royal Victoria Regiment" and "Royal Newfoundland Regiment" between 1812 and 1826. His occupation was an armourer. In 1844 when daughter Margaret was married, he was a warrant officer in the British army maybe living in Woolwich, Kent, England.

Notes for JANE KENT:

What convinces me that this is the correct Jane is the fact that a grandson (b 1851) was named Charles Kent Wilkie.

Church/Parish                                 St Botolph Aldgate
Date of baptism                               23 January 1785
Date of birth                                    Not given
Child's name                                   Jane and Mary Ann (Twins)
Parent's Names                               Robert and Mary
Surname                                         Kent
Address                                          Harrow Alley
Father's Trade  or profession             Not given
Other relevant information                 'Poor'

Jane had another sister: MARTHA JEMINA KENT Christening: JUL 1788 St Botolph Without Aldgate, London

Marriage Notes for THOMAS WILKIE and JANE KENT: Married at Saint Botolph Bishopsgate.

Children of THOMAS WILKIE and JANE KENT are:

i. JANE WILKIE, b. Abt. 1809/10 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England; m. WILLIAM COOPER, Sep 1828, St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Marriage Notes for JANE WILKIE and WILLIAM COOPER: Thomas and Jane must have had a daughter born in England before they came to Newfoundland. In September 1828, Jane Wilkie married William Cooper (b. 1805 Isle of Wight), widower, Lance Corporal of the RVC at the Anglican Cathedral in St. John's. Witnesses were Thomas and Jane Wilkie. 1861 William is a Greenwich out pensioner. 1871 he is a Licensed Victualler.


Maria Cooper abt 1853 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Mary Cooper abt 1839 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

William S T Cooper abt 1852 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

ii. THOMAS WILKIE, b. Feb 1812, St. John's, Newfoundland; d. 30 Mar 1876, St. John's, Newfoundland.

iii. CHARLOTTE WILKEY, b. 07 Jun 1814, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Notes for CHARLOTTE WILKEY: Baptised July 24, 1814 at the Anglican Cathedral.

iv. WILLIAM WILKIE, b. 18 Nov 1816, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Notes for WILLIAM WILKIE: Baptised January 4, 1817 at the Anglican Cathedral.

v. ROBERT WILKIE, b. 10 Jun 1819, St. John's, Newfoundland; d. 1880.

Notes for ROBERT WILKIE: 1861 living in Plumstead with wife Elizabeth b. 1823. His occupation is Blacksmith

vi. MARY ANNE WILKIE, b. 16 May 1821, St. John's, Newfoundland; m. Charles Warren 1844 in Southampton.

+vii. MARGARET WILKIE, b. 29 Mar 1826, St. John's, Newfoundland; d. 05 Sep 1910, Plumstead, Kent, England.

Generation No. 3

Ron Foster writes: "The lady standing in the picture is Maria Cummin nee Head. The gentleman seated is Thomas Cummin, Maria's son.
The little girl is Winnie Cummin Thomas's daughter.  At the time of the 1901 Census she was age 4, and the in the photograph she is around 4 to 5 years old.
The old lady seated on the left is the little girl's great grandmother.  Although I do not have a date of death for her great grandmother Cummin, I believe she died before the 1901 Census as I have been unable to find her in it.  The old lady must therefore be Margaret Head nee Wilkie who was alive until 1910." Thanks to Ron Foster for the photo.


MARGARET WILKIE was born 29 March 1826 in St Johns Newfoundland Canada. She married STEPHEN HEAD 9 December 1844 in Plumstead Kent.


i. Mary HEAD was born 29 NOV 1845; baptized in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent, 25 DEC 1845.

ii. Margaret HEAD was born 14 APR 1848; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 1 OCT 1854.

iii. Maria HEAD was born 29 MAY 1850; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 1 OCT 1854.

+iv. Stephen John HEAD was born 16 APR 1853; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 1 OCT 1854.

v. Matthew Charles HEAD was born 7 FEB 1856; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 23 MAR 1856.

vi. Fanny Sophia HEAD was born 15 JUN 1856; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 4 JUL 1858.

vii. Emma HEAD was born 21 NOV 1860; baptized in St. Nicolas, Plumstead, Kent, 13 JAN 1861.

viii. Thomas HEAD was born 23 APR 1863; baptized in St. Margaret's, Plumstead, 17 MAY 1863.

ix. Ann HEAD was born 6 DEC 1866; baptized in St. Margaret's, Plumstead, 3 MAR 1867.

x. Alice HEAD was born in Landport, Hampshire, England 18 NOV 1869; baptized in St. Margaret's, Plumstead, 31 MAR 1872.

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