Books by Frank Bird Linderman


"Indian Old-Man Stories: More Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire"
Frank B. Linderman
Pub: Blue Ribbon Books, Inc.
New York, NY
Hardcover, very good condition, rare, color illust. by C. M. Russell
FBL303 - $100

Frank B. Linderman
Pub: The Junior Literary Guild
New York, NY
DJ torn, hardcover, very good condition, rare, illust.
FBL311 - $70

"Out of the North: Blackfeet Indians"
Frank B. Linderman
illustrated by Winold Reiss 
Pub: on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Glacier National Park, 1935
Hardcover, good condition, scarce
FBL312 - $250

"Recollections of Charley Russell"
Frank B. Linderman
Pub: Univ. of Oklahoma Press
Norman, OK
DJ, hardcover, very good condition, OP
FBL313 - $50

"Montana Adventure: The Recollections of Frank B. Linderman"
Frank B. Linderman
edited by H. G. Merriam
Pub: Univ. of Oklahoma Press
Norman, OK
DJ, hardcover, very good/near fine condition, OP
FBL314 - $50

"Wolf and the Winds"
Frank B. Linderman
Pub: Univ. of Oklahoma Press
Norman, OK
DJ, hardcover, fine condition, OP
FBL315 - $40

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