Books by Charles M. Russell

Back Trailing The Old Frontiers
C. M. Russell
Pub: Cheely-Raban Syndicate
Great Falls, MT
© 1922
softcover, Very good condition, OP
CMR004 -

Forty Pen & Ink Drawings
C. M. Russell
Pub: Trail's End Pub. Co.
Pasadena, CA
© 1947 first ed.
Hardcover, DJ, Very Good Condition, OP
CMR005 -

Rawhide Rawlins Stories
C. M. Russell
Pub: Trail's End Pub. Co.
Pasadena, CA
© 1946 first revised ed.
Hardcover, Very Good Condition, OP
CMR006 -


Books with Charles M. Russell association

Illustrated by C M Russell or includes biographical information about C. M. Russell


Memories of Old Montana
Con Price
Pub: Trail's End Pub. Co.
Pasadena, CA
© 1945 first ed. after ltd. deluxe ed. of 125
Hardcover, good condition - torn fly page, OP
CMR012 -

Flashlights From Mountain and Plain
Duke Davis
Pub: The Pentacostal Union
Bound Brook, NJ
Hardcover, good condition, OP
CMR014 -

Fifteen Thousand Miles By Stage
Carrie Adell Strahorn
Pub: G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York, NY
1915 - second ed. in one vol.
Hardcover, very good condition, OP
CMR018 -


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