EPHRAIM3 BAILEY (JOHN2, JOHN (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born January 01, 1690/91 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, and died March 27, 1761 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He married (1) ELIZABETH. He married (2) DEBORAH BRAINERD August 03, 1716 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, daughter of JAMES BRAINERD and DEBORAH DUDLEY.


· Marriage to (1) Deborah Brainard and (2) Elizabeth found in his will.

· IGI: Ephraim BAILEY
Birth: 1 Jan 1691 Of, Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut
Father: John BAILEY
Mother: Elizabeth BATE
Batch numbers: 7136302, 7450303


i. EPHRAIM4 BAILEY, b. June 25, 1718, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. January 10, 1741/42.

ii. JACOB BAILEY, b. October 21, 1720, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. Abt. 1763.

iii. DEBORAH BAILEY, b. April 13, 1723, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; m. BENJAMIN TOWNER, September 16, 1742, Clearmont, NH.

iv. GIDEON BAILEY, b. August 04, 1725, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. May 11, 1809.

v. STEPHEN BAILEY, b. May 25, 1727, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. 1803.

vi. JABEZ BAILEY, b. January 14, 1729/30, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. 1790.

vii. CALEB BAILEY, b. January 07, 1731/32; d. February 09, 1817.

viii. ABIJAH BAILEY, b. July 31, 1734.

ix. WILLIAM BAILEY, b. August 01, 1736; m. DESIRE THOMAS, March 18, 1762.

+x. OLIVER4 BAILEY, b. June 25, 1738, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. 1815.

xi. SUSANNA BAILEY, b. September 28, 1740; d. February 06, 1740/41. 36.

xii. EPHRAIM BAILEY, b. May 08, 1744, Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d. 1771, Haddam, Middlesex, CT.


Genealogies of Connecticut Families from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. I, p. 67


1790 CT Census Index Page 330 - Bailey, Ephraim CT MIDDLESEX CO. HADDAM 439

Deborah Brainerd's Family History

Deborah BRAINERD, wife of Ephraim Bailey, was born about 3 APR 1698 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. She died about 1745 in CT.

Generation 2 (parents)

James BRAINERD was born 2 JUN 1669 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He died 10 FEB 1742 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Deborah DUDLEY was born 11 NOV 1670 in Saybrook, CT. She died 22 JUL 1709 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Generation 3 (grandparents)

Daniel BRAINARD was born about 1641 in Braintree, Essex, England. He died 1 APR 1715 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Hannah SPENCER was born about 1641 in Lynn, Essex, MA. She died about 1691 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

William DUDLEY Jr. was born 8 JUN 1639 at sea. He died 17 MAY 1639 in Saybrook, Middlesex, CT.
Mary ROE was born about 1643 in Waymouth, MA. She died 23 SEP 1727 in Saybrook, Middlesex, CT.

Generation 4 (great grandparents)

Gerard SPENCER was born 25 APR 1614 in Stotford, Bedfordshire, England. He died 3 SEP 1685 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. [See "The Spencers of the Great Migration, Vol I 1300 A.D. - 1783 A.D." by Jack Taif Spencer and Edith Woolley Spencer, 1997.]
Hannah Joannis HILLS was born about 1618 possibly in Stotford, Bedfordshire, England. She died 22 OCT 1692 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

William DUDLEY Sr. was born 11 SEP 1608 in England. He died 16 MAR 1683 in Guilford, New Haven, CT. In 1639, William Dudley was among several emigrants that signed the 'Guilford Covenant', in the company of Rev. Henry Whitfield, aboard the St. John. See the 'Guilford Covenant.'
Jane LUTEMAN was born about 1615 in Wysborough Green, England. She died 1 MAY 1674 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.

Hugh ROE Jr. was born about 1621 possibly in Suffield, Hartford, CT. He died 5 AUG 1689 in Suffield, Hartford, CT.




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