Oliver Bailey (1738)

OLIVER4 BAILEY (EPHRAIM3, JOHN2, JOHN (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born June 25, 1738 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, and died 14 October 1822, Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. He married HANNAH SCOVELL May 14, 1761 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, daughter of WILLIAM SCOVELL and HANNAH SHAYLER.


i. OLIVER5 BAILEY b. 22 March 1762

ii. KETURAH5 BAILEY b. 4 October 1763, m Uriah Baxter; children: Keturah, m. Elarn Parkhurst; Chauncy, m. Nancy Vroman; Betsy, m. Simon West; Hannah, m. Benjamin West; Ezra, m. Charity Ann Vroman; Oliver, m. Ruth Ross; Roxy Ann, m. John Vroman

+iii. THOMAS5 BAILEY b. 11 February 1765, m. 1788 Esther Smith, children: Smith m. Rosemanty Rogers.

iv. MARTHA5 BAILEY b. 5 May 1767, m. Jeremiah Taylor; children: Jeremiah, m. "Polly" White (her sister m. Samuel Bailey, son of Timothy); Silvester, m. Susanna DeWitt; Levi, m. (1) Louisa Holcomb (daughter of Sterling); m. (2) Mary Landon; m. (3) Sarah Cainpbell
Abigail, m. Isaac Putman.

v. HANNAH5 BAILEY b. 27 March 1769; m. Elisha Harris of Great Barrington, Mass. having one son WiIliam, m. Rockafellow. Hannah d. early in her married life.

vi. PHEBE5 BAILEY b. 16 June 1771; m. 31 August 1794 David Wilcox of Great Barrington; children Alanson, m. Nash of Stockbridge, Mass; Clark, m. VanDusen, of Great Barrington, Mass.

vii. MARY "POLLY"5 BAILEY b. 10 October 1773, m. Elijah Harris, brother of Elish named above, of Great Barrington, and they had one son George, m. (1) Avery, m. (2) Cross. Elijah Harris died early.

viii. SCOVILLE5 BAILEY b. 24 September 1775, m. Jerusha Hale of Haddam, Conn; children: Julius, m. Sarah Spencer; Jerusha, m. Luman Putnam; Eliza, m. John Taylor; Rezekiah, m. Katy McElwain; Harry, m. Amanda Churchill; Ambrose, d.y.; Robert, m. (1) Mariette Robbins, m. (2) Lucia B Jerusha (Hale) Bailey m. (2) Dr. Samuel Shepard.

ix. TIMOTHY5 BAILEY b. 24 November 1777, m. Eleanor Harris, d. Granville Center, Pa.

x. DAVID5 b. 20 October 1779; m. (1) Lucy Spalding, no children, m. (2) Louisa Loomis, one son William, m. Pepper.

xi. EZRA5 BAILEY b. 10 August 1781, m. Lydia Andrus, of Great Barrington; children: Elisha, m. Betsy Vroman; Alanson, m. (1) Susan Swayne, m. (2) Harriet Wilcox; Elon A., m. Sarah Holcomb, daughter of Sterling; Pheba, m. Sullivan Morse; Julia, m. Henry Saxton; Sophia, m. Salem Stone; Alva, d. unm.

xii. PRUDENCE5 BAILEY b. 17 October 1784, m. Hugh Holcomb, son of Eli & Hannah (Crofut).


· This Bailey family lived in Haddam, Connecticut from its beginnings in 1662 until at least 1762. Some years after his marriage in 1761, Oliver Bailey moved his family first to Middlefield, CT then later to Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. By 1803 Oliver and Hannah (Scoville) Bailey had removed to Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Four of his children stayed in Massachusetts: Oliver Jr., Phebe, Hannah, and Mary (called Polly).

· At the time of his death in 1822, the Towanda newspaper, "The Settler", wrote: "Mr. Bailey [Oliver] was a soldier of two wars. He served through the whole of the old French War and was one of the first who asserted our independence in 1775. He served through the whole of that ardous struggle for liberty and was in many of the most important battles. He was one of the most respected and first settlers of Franklin (then including part of Granville), having resided in that place 19 years. He had 12 children, all of whom lived to have families and to an advanced age."


In 1758 Oliver served the King of England in the French and Indian War with Captain Jonathan Latimore's Fifth Company of the Third Connecticut Regiment. In 1760 Oliver served the King of England in the French and Indian War with Captain Ichabod Scranton's Fifth Company of the Second Connecticut Regiment


· From the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 72, "DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION", page 4,

"Oliver Bailey was a private in the 8th Company of Capt. Cornelius Higgins of Haddam, Col. William Douglas' 5th Battalion, Genera Wadsworth's brigade, raised June, 1776, to reinforce Washington's army at New York; he was in the battles of Long Island and White

· From Record of Service of Connecticut Men, Edited by H.P. Johnson, page 409:

"Fifth Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade. Col. Douglas, 1776.Capt. Higgins Co. Oliver Bailey. Private. This Battalion raised June '76 to reinforce Washington's army at NY. Served in the city and on the Brooklyn front, being at the right of the line of works during the battle of L.I. Aug.27. Engaged in the retreat to NY Aug.29-30; stationed with militia brigade under Col. Douglas at Kips Bay, 34th St. on the East River at time of enemy's attack on NY. Sept.15 and forced to retreat hurriedly. At battle of White Plains, Oct. 28. Term expired Dec.25, '76".

· Oliver Bailey is buried in the Granville Center, PA, cemetery where numerous of his descendants are also buried.

1790 CT Census Index Page 330 - Bailey, Oliver CT MIDDLESEX CO. HADDAM 439

Birth: 25 Jun 1738 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut
Father: Ephraim BAILEY
Mother: Deborah BRAINERD
F859313, 7450303, & 7332005


1. "Genealogies of Connecticut Families", from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. I, p. 67.

2. "Pioneers & Patriots of Bradford County, PA", by Clement Heverly, 1913.

Hannah Scoville's Family History

Hannah SCOVILLE, wife of Oliver Bailey, was born 11 APR 1739 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. She died 18 OCT 1828 in Granville Center, Bradford, PA.

Generation 2 (parents)

William SCOVILLE Jr. was born 1710 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Hannah SHAILER was born 17 AUG 1715 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. She died 23 MAR 1802 at Candlewood Hill near Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Generation 3 (grandparents)

William SCOVILLE Sr. was born b. about 1679 in Farmington, Hartford, CT. He died 10 NOV 1712 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Martha BAILEY was born about 1680; died 2 MAY 1753.

Capt Thomas SHAILER was born 2 DEC 1670 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He died 4 JUN 1753 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Catherine CLARK was born about 1675 possibly in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. She died about 1755 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Generation 4 (great grandparents)

John SCOVILLE was born about 1635 in Shapwick, Dorset, England. He was in Farmington, Middlesex, CT by 26 MAR 1666 when he married Sarah BARNES. He died about 1712 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Sarah BARNES was born about 1648 in Farmington, Hartford, CT. She died after 1700.

Thomas1 SHAILER (HADDAM FOUNDER) was born about 1643 in Stratford-on-Avon, England.; d. 3 MAR 1706
Alice Marah SPENCER was born about 1642 in Lynn, Essex, MA. She died 22 DEC 1714 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Joseph CLARK was born about 1653 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. He died about 1723 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Ruth SPENCER was born about 1654 in Lynn, Essex, MA. She died 28 NOV 1744 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Generation 5 (great-great grandparents)

Richard SCOVILLE was born16 MAY 1604 at Whole Place, Dorset, England. He died 1642 in Shapwick, Dorset, England.
Mary Magdaline COOKE was born about 1612 in Shapwick, Dorset, England. She died 8 DEC 1654 in Shapwick, Dorset, England.

Gerard SPENCER was born 25 APR 1614 in Stotford, Bedfordshire, England. He died 3 SEP 1685 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. SPENCER lineage has been documented in England prior to 1300. See The Spencers of the Great Migration, Vol I 1300 A.D. - 1783 A.D., by Jack Taif Spencer and Edith Woolley Spencer.
Hannah Joannis HILLS was born about 1618 possibly in Stotford, Bedfordshire, England. She died 22 OCT 1692 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

WILLIAM (HARTFORD AND HADDAM FOUNDER) CLARK was born 6 FEB 1611 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. He died died 22 JUL 1681 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.
Katherine BUNCE was born about 1610 in Scotland. She died after 1683 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.



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