Thomas BAILEY (1765)

THOMAS5 BAILEY (OLIVER4, EPHRAIM3, JOHN2, JOHN (HADDAM FOUNDER)1) was born February 11, 1765, Haddam, Middlesex, CT, and died about 1854. He married (1) ESTHER SMITH at the New Haven Second Church in Jan.1788. Haddam. Middlesex County. Book One , Page 51, and [according to a later researcher, Elizabeth Anne Bailey Hall] (2) Hannah Hale after 1803/04.

The children of THOMAS BAILEY and ESTHER SMITH are:

i. SMITH6 BAILEY b. 03 Nov 1789 in Haddam, CT

ii. WEALTHY BAILEY b. 13 May 1792 Lee, MA

iii. ORREN BAILEY b. 21 Jul 1794 Lee, MA

iv. THIOMAS BAILEY b. 28 may 1797 Lee, MA

v. DAVID BAILEY b. 02 Apr 1801 Lee, MA

vi. OLIVER BAILEY b. 30 Oct 1803 Lee, MA


· From: 1800 MA Census Index , Page 47
Bailey, Thomas MA BERKSHIRE CO. 259 1800 10100-3001000

· From: 1810 MA Census Index , Page 47

· From: 1820 census for Burlington Twp., Bradford Co., PA, Thomas Bailey:

1 ea 16 - 18 M (Oliver b. 1803 would be 17)
1 ea 18 - 26 M (David b. 1801 would be 21, Thomas b. 1797 would be 23, Orren b. 1794 would be 26 - suggests all are out of the house except maybe David)
1 ea over 45 M
1 ea to 16 F (Wealthy b. 1792 would be 28 - suggests at least one unknown daughter)
1 ea over 45 F

· From: 1820
BAILEY, THOMAS Bedford County PA 105 Burlington Township
Federal Population Schedule PA 1820
Federal Census Index PA32048485

· From: 1830
BAILEY, THOMAS Bradford County PA138 Franklin Township
Federal Population Schedule PA 1830
Federal Census Index PA5587102

· From "Pioneers & Patriots of Bradford County, PA", by Clement Heverly, 1913:

"Thomas Bailey, his wife, one son, and his only daughter (Wealthy) are buried in Granville Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA".

· Thomas Bailey is on the assessment rolls, voting lists and other sources as "Residents at the organization of Bradford Co., PA, 1812-13. The taxable inhabitants (all males 21 years and over and females owning property)", from Clement F. Heverly's Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford Co., Pa., 1800-1825, Vol. II, 1915, reprint pages 189-200.

· From the "Bradford County Republican", September 14, 1894, an account of the Bailey reunion, with comments about Thomas apparently taken from the "Holcomb Genealogy 1630 - 1901; Bailey Genealogy 1775 - 1901", "Of Thomas Bailey, am unable to give any record in detail futher than his wife died early in life and was called "Aunt Esther," leaving him with several children".

· Letter from Luman Putnam, an early Bradford County Genealogist, dated February 15, 1894: "Thomas brought a family with him to Massachusetts [Great Barrington], and thence, after a few years, to this country. He and his wife, his only daughter and one son lie buried here and all the surviving portion of his family emigrated to Ohio, so there are none of his progeny remaining with us."

· From IGI: Thomas BAILEY
Birth: 11 Feb 1765 Haddam Twp, Middlesex, Connecticut
Father: Oliver BAILEY
Mother: Hannah
Batch numbers: 7450303 and 7333241
Barbour collection : Connecticut vital records prior to 1850 Barbour, Lucius B. (Lucius Barnes) , 1878-1934

· From IGI: Thomas BAILEY
Spouse: Esther SMITH
Marriage: 1788, Connecticut

Batch numbers: 8629704, M513104, & M513483

· From the Vital Records of Lee, MA, pg 11:

BAILEY, Charles Alpheus, s. Alpheus (b. N.Y.) and Harriet (b. W. Stockbridge) of S. Lee, Sept. 15, 1848.
David, ch. Thomas and Esther, Apr. 2, 1801.
Electa, ch. Timothy and Eleanor, Jan. 3, 1803.
Harriet, ch. Timothy and Eleanor, Apr. 10, 1801.
James Lorenzo, ch. Elijah and Submit, Apr. 9, 1837.
Oliver, ch. Thomas and Esther, Oct. 30, 1803.
Orren, ch. Thomas and Esther, July 21, 1794.
Samuel, ch. Timothy and Eleanor, Mar. 22, 1805.
Smith, ch. Thomas and Esther, Nov. 3, 1789, in Haddam, Conn.
Thomas, ch. Thomas and Esther, May 28, 1797.
Wealthy, ch. Thomas and Esther, May 13, 1792.

It is possible that Thomas married Hannah Hale after the death of Esther Smith:
From "Hale, House and Related Families", page 118,

Children of Hezekiah and Rachel (Powers) Hale, born at Middletown (Middlefield) CT

iii. Hannah, b. 1 Dec 1771; m. abt. 1816 Thomas Bailey
iv. Jerusha, b. 26 Mar 1776; m. Scoville Bailey


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Esther Smith's Family History

Esther Smith, wife of Thomas Bailey, was born about 1768/70 possibly in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. She died after 1803 in Granville Center, Bradford, PA.


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