Lower Iverson Ranch

One of the most recognizable areas of the historic Iverson Movie Ranch -- The Garden of the Gods -- is a twenty three-acre parksite acquired by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in 1987. It's the only part of the Iverson Ranch that still has public access. The park is perched just south of the 118 freeway at Redmesa Drive. A short hiking trail with great views of the Lone Ranger rock, the Cliffs of Nyoka, and Chatsworth leads westward off Redmesa Drive. The trail ends at the old overlook and camera mount just beyond the Garden of the Gods rock formation.

(Above) In the center of this photo is the construction site for the Toll Brothers condominiums. The Middle Iverson Ranch was (#5) the apartments to the right. The Garden of the Gods (#3) were located on the Lower Iverson Ranch. The 118 Freeway (can't be seen in photo) separates the Middle and Lower Iverson Ranch areas. The Iverson western street was located where (#2) the Indian Hills Mobile Home Village sits today. The eastern edge of the Bell Moving Picture Ranch was (#4) and the Chatsworth Reservoir is (#1).

(above) The best known landmark on the Iverson Ranch is the Garden of the Gods rock formation seen in this photo taken for a ReelzChannel Dailies Show episode: Hollywood Was Here - Iverson Movie Ranch (credits: Chris Meagher, producer; Scott Conly, host; Jerry England, guest; and Tracy Birdsell photography).

(Above left) Garden of the Gods as seen in Stagecoach (1939)

(Above right) the Lone Ranger Rock. as seen in The Lone Ranger TV show (1950s)

(Above) Cal West townhomes north of the Garden of the Gods. The Lone Ranger Rock is in the lower center of the photo.



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Lower Iverson Ranch and the Garden of the Gods

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