Christopher HEAD 1670

St. Giles church in Great Wishford, Wiltshire

Christopher HEAD, possibly the son of John Head who died in Great Wishford 1724, was born about 1665 - 1670 possibly in Great Wishford, Wiltshire. He married Martha Unknown before 1688. He died in Great Wishford 12 Nov 1744.

The children of Christopher HEAD and Martha are:

i Martha HEAD c. 01 Nov 1688 Great Wishford, Wiltshire. Batch No.: C152281

ii John HEAD c. 25 Sep 1690 Great Wishford, Wiltshire; d. 01 July 1691 Great Wishford, Wiltshire

+iii John HEAD c. 21 May 1692 in Great Wishford, Wiltshire; d. 1739 Broughton, Hampshire

iv Mary HEAD c. 08 Jan 1695 Great Wishford, Wiltshire. Batch No.: C152281

v Thomas HEAD c. 05 Feb 1697 Great Wishford, Wiltshire

vi Sarah HEAD c. 01 July 1699 Great Wishford, Wiltshire. Batch No.: C152281

vii William HEAD c. 06 Feb 1702 Great Wishford, Wiltshire

viii Richard HEAD c. 19 Jun 1704 Great Wishford, Wiltshire; m. Sarah Timblet 5 Oct 1726; d. 1780 Great Wishford

ix Stephen HEAD c. 16 Apr 1707 Great Wishford, Wiltshire; m. Mary Young 15 Nov 1735

x Christopher, b.1697 Great Wishford, Wiltshire. SOURCE: B. Butterworth


Notes for Sarah Beachum: Court case re father`s will, after her death; b. West Tyderleigh, Hampshire; d. 1721 Broughton, Hampshire. SOURCE: B. Butterworth


These are all the HEAD baptisms and burials from the parish record transcripts for GREAT WISHFORD, Wiltshire:


04 Apr 1635 - Robert, son of George & Anne HEAD
01 Nov 1688 - Martha, dau of Christopher & Martha HED
25 Sep 1690 - John, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
21 May 1692 - John, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
08 Jan 1695 - Mary, dau of Christopher & Martha HEAD
05 Feb 1697 - Thomas, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
01 July 1699 - Sarah, dau of Christopher & Martha HEAD
06 Feb 1702 - William, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
19 Jun 1704 - Richard, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
16 Apr 1707 - Stephen, son of Christopher & Martha HEAD
06 Jun 1733 - Mary, dau of William HEAD
04 Nov 1741 - John, son of William & Jeane HEAD


01 July 1691 - John, son of Christopher HEAD
16 Aug 1724 - John HEAD
28 Jan 1730 - Mariah HEAD
04 Oct 1734 - Mary, wife of William HEAD
12 Nov 1744 - Christopher HEAD
30 Mch 1746 - Stephen HEAD

The above information is from a privately done transcription, and only goes up to 1747.

There are two baptisms for a John HEAD around the time of John's birth C1690 but from the burials that the first one died.

There is no record of marriage of Christopher and Martha in Great Wishford, nor anywhere in Wiltshire.

From the Great Wishford marriages though, that there appear to be no entries between 1663 and 1689, which is a larger gap than would be expected by chance, so The suspicion is that entries here that have not survived.

Neither does there appear to be a baptism for Christopher.

However, there was a search for all HEAD marriages in Wishford, but there were no male marriages that predate the time of Christopher, although curiously there were female HEAD marriages in this parish in 1605, 1612 and 1616. No parents names were mentioned on these records though.

SOURCE: B. Butterworth

Mark Head's Comment:

We are stuck there because of elusive records during and after the Civil War, but there are lots of HEADs right back to the beginning of the 16th century at least.

SOURCE: Mark Head

Early Woodford Valley, Wiltshire Heads -- Possible family tree of Christopher



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